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China Ireland International Film Festival

  |  film   |  大太阳 | The Sun

大太阳 | The Sun

Yang Yazhou | 101 min

Tang Dachuan and Yinxing married for many years, and had a son. Unexpectedly, his son was killed in the 5.12 earthquake (Wenchuan). This made Yingxing not accept the fact that he had lost his son for a long time, and lived in nightmare for a long time. The pain in her heart made her nervousness. Her husband, Dachuan, can feel it but couldn’t help. After the disaster relief, Yinxing set up a stall selling sacrifices on the ruins, and also set up a telescope for visitors to visit. Dachuan took care of Yinxing and gave up the opportunity to work in Guangdong. He opened a restaurant in his hometown. The newly hired waiter Taozi in the store was a widow. Her husband was also killed in the earthquake. The same experience made Dachuan very sympathetic. Later, Dachuan’s younger brother, Ermang, took a fancy to Taozi. Finally, the two came together with help of people around…..

Fri, 28th June, UCD Cinema

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