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组委会 | Committee

  |  组委会 | Committee

Professor. Liming Wang  王黎明教授

Chairperson of CIIFF Committee

Director of UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland and Irish Institute for Chinese Studies

Teresa McGrane

Deputy Chief Executive of Screen Ireland

Olga Wang 王瓯嘉

First Secretary for Culture and Tourism of Chinese Embassy in Ireland

Gerry Shirren

Managing Director of Cartoon Saloon

Joe O’Byrne

Board Director of Writers Guild of Ireland

Adam Xiaoming Liu  刘晓明

Marketing Director of Ireland Chinese Journal

James Tianyu Zhao  赵天宇

CEO and Founder of Ireland Chinese Journal

Dou Sun  孙豆

Founder and Planning Consultant of CIIFF

Xiaoyu Xie  谢小余

Lecturer of UCD Confucius for Ireland