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China Ireland International Film Festival

  |  film   |  老阿姨 | The Woman Behind The Man

老阿姨 | The Woman Behind The Man

Lei Xianhe | 108 min

The film “the Woman Behind the Man” is based on the true story of the 93-year-old national moral model Gong Quanzhen. It tells the story of the Republic founding general Gan Zuchang and Gong Quanzhen’s story of 30 years life together. In 1950, Gong Quanzhen  joined the army and went to Xinjiang to serve as a teacher of Xinjiang Bayi Primary School.  She was married to the Xinjiang Military Region Logistics Director Gan Zuchang who is 18 years older than herself. Gan Zuchang was injured three times in the war. He often had headaches and could not work normally. He asked to return to his hometown as a farmer. There was no precedent in the country as the general return to the countryside as a peasant.

After three years of application, it was approved. Gong Quanzhen also came to Jiangxi with her husband. They have experienced the up and down of the times. After Gan Zuchang’s death, Gong Quanzhen passed on the spirit of Gan Zuchang, led his children to diligently save, work hard, help poor families and out-of-school children, and live their legendary life with great love. In 2013, Gong Quanzhen was named a national moral model, received by President Xi Jinping, and was called the old aunt by President Xi Jinping.

Thur, 27th June, UCD Cinema

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