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China Ireland International Film Festival

  |  film   |  雄狮少年 | I AM WHAT I AM

雄狮少年 | I AM WHAT I AM

Haipeng Sun | 104 min

Ajuan’s parents work in the big city to support their family, leaving him behind in his hometown, where he is often bullied by others because of his weak physique and timid character. When he meets a lion dance girl with the same name as his,the girl’s valiant posture and words pique Ajuan’s interest in this traditional activity,and he plans to prove himself by participating in a lion dance competition. Ajuan’s best friends.Tom.Dick and Harry also join the programme. The teenagers eventually win the competition and regain hope in their lives with the help of Salty.former lion dance champion.

Thur, 22nd September, Fri, 23rd September UCD Cinema

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