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短片竞赛单元 | Short Film Competition

  |  短片竞赛单元 | Short Film Competition




  1. 参赛者登陆指定网站(下载报名表并填写相关信息。参赛者需要确保信息的真实与完整。
  2. 中国短片参赛者需按电影节要求将参赛作品上传至百度云盘,爱尔兰方则上传至Vimeo,随后参赛者需将以上填写的报名表,影片的云盘链接方式,分享密码以及相关资料(剧照,海报等)发送至邮箱[email protected]
  3. 参赛邮件中需附有参赛报名表一份(PDF),影片的宣传海报(PSD或JPG格式)横竖版两张,影片的云盘观看链接以及宣传片花(30秒左右),以及作品简介(需中英文版)。
  4. 选送作品格式:



  1. 截止日期:2019年5月20日(都柏林时间20日下午5点,北京时间20日晚12:00)



The first CIIFF would like to put out a call for excellent short films from both from China and Ireland. For the purposes of this competition, only online registration (E-mail or network disk) is possible and posted works are not acceptable.

In the Short Film Competition Session, five excellent Chinese and Irish short films respectively will be selected to be screened, with the Best Chinese Short Films and the Best Irish Short Films to be voted on by the organizing committee and awarded at the closing ceremony of CIIFF. Films produced after Jan 1, 2018, with a duration of 10-20 minutes, showing uniqueness in terms of expression outlook and production techniques can compete for the Best Short Film.


  1. Contestants should go to the designated website( to download the registration form and fill in relevant information. The truth and completeness of the information should be ensured.
  2. Chinese contestants are required to upload their works to Baidu Yunpan, and the Irish contestants should upload them to Vimeo. Then the filled-out registration form, the network disk link of the videos, the sharing password and related materials (film stills , posters, etc.) should be sent to the following email: [email protected].
  3. The email must be accompanied by one copy of the registration form (PDF), two posters (PSD or JPG format) in portrait and landscape versions, a video viewing link and a promotional video (about 30 seconds) and a description of the work (Chinese or English versions).
  4. Format required:

(1) MOV format, H264 video decoding, MPG format, MP4 format;

(2) Bigger than or equal to 1080P or 1080I HD source format.

  1. Deadline: May 20, 2019 (Dublin time on the 20th May 17:00, Beijing time on the 20th May 24:00).

# The deadline has been extended to May 27, 2019 (Dublin time on the 27th May 17:00, Beijing time on the 27th May 24:00).